Creating and Iterating on a Compelling Vision For Your Life

Adam French
4 min readJul 23, 2020


Getting crystal clear on who you want to Be, what you want to Do, and what you want to Have. To reach your dreams, you have to clarify them first ;)

Success starts with having a vision

In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision. — Dalai Lama.

All of the greats had a vision that kept them pushing when things got hard. Bill Gates had a vision of every household having a personal computer. Martin Luther King had a vision of racial unity and equality.

But this key driver of success gets overlooked by many people. Most people are more focused on how they’re going to reach success, to the point where they don’t really have a clear picture on what success looks like, which is more important.

Paraphrasing something that I’ve heard from many successful people:

Once you clarify your vision of success, the how falls in to place.

Moral of this first section: Spend more time cultivating what your vision consists of and it drives effective and positive action.

Creating and Feeling a Compelling Vision

I’ve read about A LOT of ways to visualize my future, but I’ll focus on the methods that have stuck with me.

  1. Set a timeline that allows you to dream bigger than your current circumstances. I make my “ultimate vision” 5–10 years in the future.
  2. Going along with the above, Don’t limit yourself to where you’re currently at. I currently live with my parents. My vision is to have multiple places to live around the world. Dream so big that it’s scary.
  3. Don’t think about how you’ll reach your vision while creating it. This limits the scale of your vision and reduces your ability to feel it. The how will come over time. Trust yourself. Trust the universe. Forget the how for now.
  4. When you’re creating your vision, use a medium that is most impactful for you. Since I have an active imagination, I like writing my vision in words as it allows my mind to manifest all of the possibilities that are sparked by the words. I also have a mind movie (a slideshow of pictures that…



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