Envisioning a Regenerative Future and Decolonizing Myself with Compassion

Adam French
3 min readMar 6, 2023

Hey ya’ll. I’ve been feeling super inspired by all the beautiful projects I’ve seen through my work. I want to share a vision for an ideal future that I’ve witnessed in the hope that it inspires, provokes thought, and drives action towards creating it. Because it is possible.

I urge you to hold awareness of your initial reactions as you read this. Are you coming up with reasons why it won’t happen? Are you inspired? Are you envisioning what I’m writing about? What does it look like?

Let’s get into it :)

In my ideal future…

We become invested in evolving our local systems towards a regenerative state that grows capacity of all life in our area. We work beyond previous boundaries and tensions to create them, together, in a safe space.

Through being engaged in the work, we build deep trust, relationships, and collective capacity to manifest systems that were beyond imagination beforehand.

Life is everywhere, with trees, shrubs

We decolonize our minds and re-center the narratives of previously oppressed peoples and their culture. Us with ancestral ties to colonizing forces recognize and actively work to heal our psychological programming.

People around the world have abundant access to healthy food that fits their needs and find it easy and fun to start growing their own food.

We bravely face the collective trauma that’s stemmed from thousands of years of cycles of dominance, oppression, and war. We create joyful ways to heal together that weave into our cultural roots.

We face the full implications of historical oppression that has happened along cultural, racial, and religious lines so we can start to transcend the things that make us different in our internal narratives.

We evolve the collective story around money. We value natural, social, and cultural resources as the foundation of meaning in life, and utilize financial capital as a tool to build those foundational resources.

Indigenous nations across the world are honored, valued, and compensated for stewarding ancestral lands.

Institutions who were previously colonizers fully acknowledge the crimes they’ve committed historically through deep listening and self-reflection, allowing deconstruction to create space



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