Focus Is Hard. But Necessary To Win.

Adam French
2 min readDec 10, 2020


If you have something you know will work, don’t let up.

Two weeks ago, I hired a business coach.

He resonated with me and was a really good salesman. But the reason I’m keeping him around now and probably for a long time is because he keeps me focused.

I have about 120 new ideas per day, from small tweaks to how I manage clients to entire new business ideas.

With that many ideas flying through my brain, it’s easy to get caught in chasing new goals, new ventures. The shiny new ideas that will transform my life and the life of the customers.

But every time I switch to a new idea, I lose momentum.

Each time I nurture a new seed, the existing plant loses sunlight and gets watered a little less.

If it’s in a critical phase of growth (like my business is right now), that loss of sunlight and water could damn near kill the entire plant.

But I tell my coach about my new idea and his response was “Head down until you get to 10k per month”. It was a breath of fresh air! For an idea-filled entrepreneur who’s habitually starting from square one, it’s what I needed to hear.

So for the next 3 months (at least), I’m going to focus on one thing:

Selling my current program.

I’ve got verification that it’s extremely valuable from friends and current clients. I know inside that it’s exactly what I would need if I was starting a new impact business. So all the ideas are on the back burner until I get to 10k MRR.

I’m trying to break that mark by December, and never go below it again. So I’ll write to you all in 22 days with the article “How I got from 1.5k MRR to 10k MRR in 3 months”.

In the meantime, stay focused :)



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