Forgive and Integrate To Regenerate

Adam French
3 min readJul 24, 2022

A lot of humans are starting to figure things out, that we must integrate our systems with the natural world that provides for us or we won’t have coherent systems to operate with. Many stay distracted, by selfish pursuit of wealth/fame, the latest global disaster, political arguments, or another convenience trap that our society has created.

It’s wild to think that most of our companies, products, services, and systems got built around our lower selves. These are the selves that are shaped by operant conditioning, the primal part of our psyche shared with monkeys, rats, and lizards. They’re built to program our behavior in a way that makes companies money and makes us dependent on the companies, usually in ways that take away our data, behavioral, and economic sovereignty.

These companies also happen to operate in a way that destroys the natural resources that are essential for all of our survival.

We’re in the middle of a massive shift where enough people are waking up to the fact that we’ve built a collective monster of hugely powerful, unaccountable, and opaque organizations/leaders that shape how our world works, usually to their benefit. We’re thinking “hmm, maybe we shouldn’t give our dollars, attention, and energy to these things that have shown time and time again that their only goal is to advance their self interest. Maybe we should start building our own stories, products, and systems, ones that design for the unique capability of humans to transcend our animalistic instincts in service of a bigger collective mission.”

Who’s courageous enough to tap into this new way of being? Who’s willing to accept that the governments and corporations won’t save us, they’ll just reactively try to catch up to a new paradigm built around our higher selves, or crumble trying to prevent it from materialize it. It seems bad. It seems like nature, time, and the current system is working against us. Like our time to act is slipping away at our fingertips.

But there’s a loophole. The current systems aren’t against us, unless we position ourselves against them. Which we don’t have to.

Every corporation, politician, and person of influence likely wants a few things: wealth, power, safety, and fame.

Can they be wealthy if our ecosystems collapse? Can they retain power if our societal structures breakdown under stress from unconscious, selfish design decisions? Will they be safe if we run…



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