Grow your social movement by cultivating its soil.

Social Entrepreneurs: Farmers of positive change

Use an ecosystems approach to societal change.

  • Cultural food preferences.
  • Current food delivery infrastructure.
  • Local food grower capacity.
  • Food prices and farm->table economics.

Change agents stimulating growth in their ecosystem


Regen Network

Mangwende Permaculture Center

Steps towards creating a thriving change ecosystem

  1. Increase connectedness of the social network within your change ecosystem. Reach out to change agents who have the same goals as you. Ask what is going well and what they need help with. Connect them with other people who could help them.
  2. Share knowledge about your experiences growing your movement. Share with your community/ecosystem how you succeeded and failed, and where there’s more opportunity.
  3. Market your change ecosystem by creating content that raises awareness where there previously was none. Use social media, blogs, and word of mouth to get people caring about the thing you want to change.
  4. Re-align incentives. Look for opportunities to re-align financial incentives with the most important actions in your change ecosystem. This is what Regen Network is doing — they’re providing a system that tracks ecological change and distributes financial rewards accurately. Think about the most important metrics of change in your area and if they’re being rewarded financially. Note: you’ll want to have a large community and/or source of capital for this one 💸

Change is Collective



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Adam French

Adam French

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