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Adam French
2 min readApr 10, 2022

Life is throwing me expansion, I turn that expansion into clarity, prosperity, and shared progress. That is my role. Many beautiful things have come into reach through my involvement with people and communities. A silo is sometimes necessary but should never become a habit of escaping. People and communities are where I shine.

My light is meant to be shared with others, especially within innovative containers of systemic change. I’m so blessed and thankful to myself for finding and tapping into these opportunities to become better.

Every step another chapter written and many things within to tap into if i listen to my own and others divine intuition replace suspicion with curiosity and my misgivings will be proven to be just illusions by my ego that believes it’s owed restitution for it’s own sins. I own my sins and pay attention to the omens so I may channel gods word when it’s spoken. Every project is an entity that I create so I need to make sure to nurture it and keep pushing through mistakes to greatness.

Momentum rises and falls but I want to see above all so when I stall it’s just a pause, a phase of self reflection before I continue to blast off. God nurtures me through the people around me, my lower self hesitates to receive them, it creates narratives of deception and evil that tests my ability to surrender into the arms, heart, and soul of another. This will shift. I am shifting. I am surrendering first to divine will, then to all the godly manifestations of this will. Infinite time and none to kill. I must be fulfilled.

My words shift perspectives. My intellect is projecting us into the future where we can all do this. All of us are beauty. All of us see truly when we allow. I must do what I’m here for, and I am. Great privilege comes with great responsibility. My name comes with great responsibility. My lineage comes with great responsibility. So to the highest power in my life I look to for accountability. Divinity shows up, rewarding, chastising, warning, encouraging. Can I keep my head above the waters of my ego to hear? Can I align my base, primal desires with a higher purpose? Many think I’m silly for overthinking, to just be in flow but this responsibility is a weight that can support me or have me sinking If it’s not handled with care.

My place is here, with myself. Don’t let the mirrors around me lead me to lose the source of my reflection. Always come home to myself.

Always come home to myself.



Adam French

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