How to clarify your who customers are and connect with them

Adam French
9 min readNov 17, 2020


Methods to clarify who your customers and beneficiaries are, how you can do research to connect further with them, and tactics to form deep relationships for better retention.

This is article number two in the Breaking down your Business Model article series.

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Make sure you download the Impact Business Model Canvas to follow along.

If your value proposition is the heart of your business model, your customers are the oxygen. Without oxygen, your heart doesn’t beat.

This article will teach you what you can do to clarify who your customers are (customer segments), who you’re creating an impact for (beneficiary segments), and how you connect with them (customer relationships + channels).

These are key components for your impact business model — and you need to have clarity on how they work together to drive traffic and customers to your business.

Who are your customer segments?

Your customer segments are the different types of people who use your value proposition(s). You should connect each segment with a value proposition that speaks to their unique situation.

Here’s the easiest way to crystallize your customer segments:

For your current business model, ask these questions:

  1. Who pays for our value proposition?
  2. Who uses our value proposition?
  3. What is the job they are trying to get done by using our value proposition?
  4. What are some of their common characteristics?

Ask these questions for each distinct value proposition or offering to find all of your different customer segments.

Then document your answers in Persona documents and share them with your team!

Here’s the persona template I use with all my clients

It’s an in-depth persona template, so don’t worry about filling the whole thing out. Focus more on the jobs they want to get done through your value proposition ☺️.



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