Multilayered Regeneration + Resilience

Adam French
3 min readJun 21, 2022


At our last standup, Jérémy Chevallier, Jan Camille C, and I had an amazing discussion about how the Impact Alliance communicates its new positioning, centered on regeneration.

Core Principles

Here are some core design principles that really stood out from our discussion

Multilayer Regeneration: We spent around half the hour trying to figure out how earthly, psychological, social, and spiritual regeneration relate to each other. Jeremy came up with this great sketch that captured our direction.

This fascinating interplay between different levels of regeneration, along with the stewardship and connection of projects that target different levels, seems to be a space that the Global Regeneration Alliance could truly add value by facilitating a new interdisciplinary space of study and experimentation around how to most effectively regenerate our earth, communities, and selves.

Harmony with Cycles/Resilience: Another significant focus of our discussion was around the cyclical nature of our reality. Life -> death, seasons, the orbiting of the planets, our emotional cycles, the cycles of empires. Everything in our existence seems to ebb and flow. A lot of the suffering/flaws in our selves and systems seem to come from resisting this ebb and flow. We only want to feel happy, sadness is “bad”. If the economy stops, our societal structures seem to start falling apart. We imagine the Global Regeneration Alliance as a container for projects that are facilitating our evolution in partnership with these cycles instead in opposition to them.

Another aspect of harmonizing with cycles is resilience. Regeneration is partially defined as “restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state”. We see resilience as a key part of this “more worthy state”.

Resilience = an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

Our selves, communities, and systems need to adjust with the change that is the only constant on our dynamic and cycling Earth. The Impact Alliance (name change coming soon) will have resilience and cyclical design as core design principles that guides how we build our structures. Feel free to join the conversation.

How are you thinking about multilayer regeneration? What are some examples of implementing this in your life or project? Let me know your thoughts below.

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