My Top Questions For Regenerative Finance

Adam French
2 min readMay 28, 2022

I’ve been diving into the regenerative finance community, and I’ve been super impressed. Many talented, grounded, and determined people have come together to create financial platforms and products that benefit nature. However, the space has a long way to go to creating a truly regenerative financial system. These are the questions I think will be important to answer as people continue to innovate in this space:

How is environmental, social, and economic regeneration measured and rewarded with context relevance in the most resourceful way possible?

Right now, the most advanced instrument for consistently measuring and rewarding regeneration economically seems to be carbon credits. These are a start, but truly underperform when it comes to holistic and potentially more meaningful measurements that include social justice, biodiversity, and soil health.

Here’s a great conversation on twitter about what “proof of regeneration” looks like:

How do we leverage the powers of web3 to enhance measurement at scale without losing local context?

Web3 provides a powerful toolkit for coordinating large groups of people, empowering those that validate value provided to the commons by participants. However, I am yet to see a robust web3 implementation that enables the large scale validation and compensation for regeneration activities.

How do we make it easy for small scale landowners in developing countries to participate in our regenerative finance platforms?

Many web3 and regen fi solutions depend on fairly advanced technology to function. Blockchains like Celo aim to make web3 more accessible to everyone — it will be interesting to see how we leverage these more inclusive technologies to build solutions that regenerators of all sizes and economic backgrounds can utilize.

Do you have answers to these questions? I’d love to hear them below in the comments. Or chat about how we can bring them to life.



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