Optimizing Social Media Use

  1. Growing Your business
  • A wide reach and high interaction rate
  • Focused and Consistent
  • Adds Value
  1. Post about the back to school buy one get one free sale
  2. Post an article about the best things to get going back to school shopping and including the items in your sale and why they’re important.
  • Focused feeds
  • A lot of Interaction!
  • It helps you focus your learning on a topic by explaining it to others.
  • It promotes you as an asset with valuable knowledge companies would like to hire.
  • It expands your network and gives you fun opportunities to meet like-minded people.
According to research, here are the best times of the week and the day to post on each platform!



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Adam French

Adam French

Systems Social Impact + Web3 Economics + Personal Development & Spirituality. Any questions? Hit me up afrench@designunity.one