Our Land

Adam French
2 min readOct 9, 2021


A future of shared abundance. Diverse prosperity. Empathizing to elevate the beauty of our differences.

I wake up, and walk outside. Enjoying the chirp of the birds, the enthusiastic buzz of the insects. Peace and stillness lies thick in the air, with no motor vehicles and random yelling to disrupt it.

I’m joined by my tribe, beautiful souls draped in an abundant variety of shapes, colors, and ways of being in this world. Interacting with them grows my perspective and makes me see the world with a different lens, exposing beauty previously unseen.

We dance. We laugh. We’re present with each other and mother nature. We lap up every aspect that this moment has to give us. Our being is meditation. Healing.

We gather our breakfast from the nearby community garden, getting swept up in delightful side conversations with our neighbors in between our grateful harvest from the mango and avocado trees, from the chickens who so generously provide us with their eggs.

After preparing our food, we eat outside to the calm waves on the shore. Every bite tastes slightly different, slightly more delicious. We are full.

After eating, it’s time to do our work. Certainly not the face-to-the-screen zombie work that was normal before. Some of us work with the land. Others work to heal people. Others sketch out ideas and blueprints for movements that will free the rest of the world to live in the safe, nurturing care of mother nature and the people they love.

The labels, boxes, and categories that defined life in the previous era have been replaced by a constant, embodied flow of life that permeates the land, our souls, and our systems. We are nature. We are flexible. We are love. The transition to this space seemed uneasy at times, but grounding into our infinite ability to see and create this future, with our community gave us strength. Not “opposing” the current way of being but gently discarding it for a more agreeable future decrease the resistance. Openness to new souls who wanted to join this journey for liberation helped us accumulate collective power.

After much loving disagreement, strategizing, ideation, and time, we are one.



Adam French

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