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Peace Within

Adam French


Tangled, rushing currents of modernity pull at the mind, body, and soul in different directions. The rush of instant gratification. The emptiness afterwards. The tug of desire for another hit. The constant marketing messaging from self-interested sources telling us who we want to be. Feeding on our need for belonging and self-knowledge to drive purchases of goods that extract wealth from our mother earth.

How do I find peace in these circumstances? How do I transcend the raging, self-destructive selfishness of modernity to build a life of meaning and truth?


Reflect on the divine love of my partner.

Listening to the elders who knew a world before all of this.

Putting my feet in the earth.

Relishing the peach I just plucked from the tree in my front yard.

Centering my awareness on my heart and dancing, crying, talking, singing when there’s something deep to express.

Getting away from my computer, asking nature spirits for help in all the complexities in creating Interform.

Letting myself join the river of life, exiting the comfortable, stagnant cesspool of separation that is a biproduct of modernity.

Eating weeds from my backyard and my neighborhood, taking the precious moment before I pick them to show them gratitude.

Hugging, climbing, and admiring trees.

🎶 These are a few of my favorite things 🎶

This also allows me to actually enjoy the fruits of modernity.

This awesome Laptop that allows me to watch incredible works of art, write, work, and play.

The incredible supply and variety of delicious chocolate from around the world at the local grocery store.

The freedom to drive a few hundred miles in not too much time at any point.

The enlivening purpose that stems from seeking to help those who’re deprived of both the beauty of the natural and modern world in service of a soulless capitalist machine.

The incredible deep mix of emotions that modern humanity stimulates for me to learn from and process.

So much to learn here. Just need to remember to ground into the spiritual reality of my soul tie with the Earth and all beings. We are all connected. There is medicine in this experience. Within me.

Gratitude 💚

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