Refresh Button Pt. 2: Streamlining tools and processes

  • Gmail
  • Shift (I’m typing this in shift right now)
  • Slack
  • Airtable
  • Notion
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Good ole pen and paper
  • Whiteboard
  • Headliner
  • Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Later
  • VS Code
  • Figma
  • Github

Taking a week break from social media

  • Make a habit of asking yourself: “Why am I on this platform?” when you open any social media.
  • Write down 2–3 simple goals for your social media use to make your engagement more intentional.
  • Be active in searching for opportunities to connect with like-minded people instead of just scrolling past content.
  • Create your own content to sharpen your writing, message, and attract like-minded people.

Document my processes for recurring activities

  • I write down ideas I have during the week wherever I can get them down as I have the idea. Usually, I’m out and about and I’ve found that setting reminders through Siri and speech-to-text is super useful to get an idea down.
  • On Sunday, I compile all the ideas I had for the week and put them in Airtable. Depending on if I have the time/motivation that day, I might write out the full copy and add media. Here’s how I organize my content in Airtable (this is my archive so it might not be super clean):
  • During the following week, I use some free time to record videos, add photos, and schedule the posts using Later. The biggest thing that’s helped me is to add a week start column which allows me to place 5–7 posts in each week. This makes the scheduling part much easier.

Revamping my task management

  • Have consistent places where you put your todo’s. It can be multiple places (so you have at least one accessible at all times). But, the key here is to know where to check for things you need to get done.
  • Experiment for a few days! Look at different tools. Focus some time on finding and using new ones.
  • When you decide on something, try it for at least a month. You need to find a groove with whatever you end up.

The tools

Key Lessons

  1. Create habits around your processes for task management. If you’re going to put your tasks somewhere, make it a habit to check that place weekly or daily.
  2. Set time aside to write down and analyze your methods for task management and other repeating processes you have in your life. Odds are, you’ll find a way to make them more efficient.
  3. Some tools, like social media, can become distracting. Create habitual mindfulness when using tools like this in order to mitigate the downsides.

Wrapping up



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