Regen Industry Radar 08/15

Adam French
2 min readAug 16, 2022

This is the first post of a regular series that shares what the brilliant minds at Design Regeneration Agency find during our on-going research into purpose driven collectives, mental frameworks, and web3 tools to build regenerative systems.

We’ve got two discord channels, regen-research-and-theory and industry-radar, where we compile awesome readings, organizations, and other resources to apply in our mission to design regeneration. I’ll post the most relevant findings here, with a summary of why they’re cool 🌳.

Lunarpunk- The Dark Side of the Cycle

A very artistic and thoughtful video shared by Caroline that contrasts the mindset of lunarpunk — preparing for worst case regulation scenarios with anonymity and user identity protection — with solarpunk — creating boldly transparent systems that are more fragile in worst-case scenarios. It makes the case for integrating the “crypto shadow self” of lunarpunk protection and preparation with the solarpunk optimism.

This concept of building anonymity and self-protection into crypto is especially important with the recent sanctioning of tornado cash.

A Whitepaper on Regeneration’s Significance by Carol Sanford

This brilliant 4 part series by one of the pioneers of the modern regenerative thinking movement explores the regenerative paradigm shift through the 4 current paradigms of mind, influenced by much of Einstein’s legacy.

Part 1: Heeding Einstein’s Admonition explores the concept of paradigms and how they’re relevant to shaping our thinking and our reality. She discusses how we have to expand our thinking to 4 dimensions from our current 3 dimensional reality to truly think regeneratively.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” — Einstein

Part 2: The Four Modern Paradigms explains the 3 paradigms that have led to less-than-optimal societal and environmental outcomes — Extract Value, Arrest Disorder, Do Good, and Evolve Capacity/Regenerate Life.

Part 3: Paradigm Shifting versus Renaming Our Current Work describes the true…

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