Soilless Agriculture: an In-depth overview

  • No need to use pesticides (less poison sprinkled on plants means healthier food and less cost).
  • Extreme decrease in water use (you need 90% less than soil-based methods).
  • Flexibility in use (use it indoors or outdoors, and if indoors you can grow whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever).
  • Nitrogen (N): Assists in protein manufacture, promotes plant strength, and makes use of the plant’s carbohydrates.
  • Phosphorus(P): Facilitates photosynthesis, controls cell division, and regulates use of sugars within the plant.
  • Potassium(K): Enforces disease resistance, helps metabolize nutrients, and regulates water usage.
  • Calcium(Ca): Regulates internal pH, facilitates disease resistance, fuels cell division and cell wall formation.
  • Magnesium(Mg): Assists internal oil, sugar, and fat formation, boosts photosynthesis.
  • Sulfur(S): Assists seed production, adds flavor, is building block for proteins and amino acids.
  • Water retention describes how slowly it takes for solution to filter through the medium, and how long it stays available to the plant. Use mediums with high water retention in drip systems, and lower water retention mediums in flood-and-drain type systems.
  • Aeration is an indicator of how much oxygen is getting to the roots of the plant. Roots need oxygen to convert their stored energy into growth, so it’s a super important characteristic. You can increase aeration by making the medium more porous, with cracks and slivers for oxygen to seep through. Aeration to the roots also makes them more effective at uptaking water, so if they don’t have space to breathe, the plant may show signs of water shortage.
  • pH neutrality tells you how the growing medium may affect the pH of a plant’s growing environment. Grow mediums should normally be neutral so they don’t have side effects on the solution or the environment
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