The 4 Concepts that Will Help Me Finish 2021 Strong

Adam French
4 min readOct 11, 2021


When I plan out my next 12 weeks, I always have 3–4 concepts that drive my mindset and reflection during the period. This is a breakdown of the concepts that are guiding me through the next 12 weeks.

Greatness in the Micro Moments

The small moments throughout our day are simply microcosms for our larger trajectory.

The moment when you’re reacting to someone giving you unexpected news. Do you allow your initial emotional reaction to hijack you? Or do you breath through the rush and respond with control?

The moment when you pass a homeless person. Do you meet their gaze and give them a smile, and maybe some kind words? Or do you look away?

The moment you’re relaxing at home. Do you fully take time to melt into whatever you’re sitting or laying on? Or are you only half present, stressing about something in your mind or on your phone?

Can you embody greatness by being present and aware during the little moments through out your day? These moments accumulate very quickly, and the more of them in which you act from your highest self, the faster you grow into that person.

Fully Receiving

We’re told in this society, explicitly and by programming that we need to suffer in order to earn success. We need to work hard to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

But what if we could just receive with an open heart and no conditions? What if we could appreciate and receive the blessings that are just waiting for us to open up and accept our worthiness?

For me, fully receiving praise has always been difficult. There’s this amazing person who’s giving me props — will I deflect internally? Will I hesitate to claim my worthiness to their praise?

Or, will I allow their words to fully sink into every fiber of my being, incorporating their praise into my energetic body and allowing it to expand and sigh with satisfaction?

Everything we need is out there, waiting for us to receive it energetically. What are you worthy of?

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