The Future of Distributed MRV

Adam French
1 min readFeb 21, 2023

Hey Medium peeps! Wanted to share this with you.

I got the privilege of writing up the latest edition of ReFi Roundup for ReFi DAO, a great community platform in the Regenerative Finance space working to harmonize our financial systems with our world’s life systems.

You can read the full article here

Here’s a glimpse of what’s going on in ReFi 👇

🛰️ Measurement reporting and verification (MRV) going distributed and digital to improve data equity and transparency in carbon and impact projects.

🧚🏾 Ecosapiens, the first carbon-backed NFT is launching their genesis drop. Beautiful art meets carbon offsetting.’

🤝 ReFi DAO merged with ReFi Spring and is partnering with Commons Stack to build a platform to create local ReFI hubs

➕ More events, highlighted projects, and updates in the Regenerative Finance space!

You can read the full article here:

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Hope your week is full of joy and regenerative connection 💚



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