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Why Good Food Is Glue For Communities, and Two Organizations Fighting the Good Food Fight.

Adam French
8 min readNov 3, 2019


A story of two organizations who are across the world from each other, but still understand how communities are brought together and empowered — with food.

Good Food Is Community Glue

Before I talk about how local food culture can be the glue to a community, let’s take a second to define “Good Food”. This is one definition of many, but I think it makes the most sense in a societal and community-health context.

Characteristics of Good Food

In the context of this article, good food is…

Note: Every bullet point links to a study or article that explains why it’s “good”. So if you don’t agree with me, read the attached links before arguing in the comments 😉

How Good Food Brings Together Communities

So how does good food bring together communities? It’s actually a simple positive feedback loop.

When people eat nutrient dense food, they feel better (90% of seratonin, the happy…



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