You Are Enough — Be the Change

Adam French
2 min readApr 7, 2022

As someone who wants to co-create systemic change to make our society more regenerative, equitable, aware, I can trap myself in thoughts of “not doing enough”.

This thought pattern usually shows up when I’m comparing the work I’ve done to someone else. It’s the process of “wow, they’ve created meaningful impact for 1000’s of people and raised money, if I’m so smart and motivated why haven’t I done it?”.

It almost always ends up in procrastination, self-doubt, and getting overwhelmed.

Here’s how I overcome it:

  • By realizing that the projects I’m involved in will get the results I wish them to if I stay working on them for an extended period of time.
  • By understanding that there’s no shortcut to this time, that the time and practicing patience is the work that I’m on this earth to do.
  • By understanding that I’ve already created unimaginable positive change through hosting meditations, recording a podcast, holding space for friends to transmute their trauma, and consulting with people who’re building businesses for the greater good.

The fact that I’m purifying my psyche, acting out of love as much as possible and self-correcting when my biases get in the way, and building things while sharing resources to accelerate grassroots systemic change is more than enough. I’m 23. It’s not reasonable to expect myself to be at the forefront of the many fields that I’m interested.

Sure, some people do it. Greta Thunberg has stirred up a movement for climate activists as a teenager. Vitalik Buterin has created a foundation for equitable, decentralized governance in his late teens and early twenties. They have their lane. I have mine. Mine is decidedly large in scope, complex, and will take time to fully manifest. In accepting this, in practicing patience without stopping my efforts, I am being the change I want to see. and I’m okay with that.



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